University of the Future platform

University of the Future platform provides an easy way to create student-oriented courses. It combines elements of the Finnish approach to pedagogy and intellectual analytics, making the learning process individual, fascinating and comprehensible.

Platform capabilities

Social learning
Personal profile
Learning boards

What does the platform provide to you?

1. Social learning is an important element in online learning that helps to maximize student engagement in the learning process.

2. The platform allows you to create your personal profile, receive notifications of interactions and important reminders, and discuss issues in chat.

3. One of the important elements is the training areas - Boards, which can be customized by users. By being on the same board, participants get the feeling that they are studying together.

In the learning process, students can take notes, comment, react to comments by likes. The system memorizes all these reactions and displays the analytics.

Notifications encourage learners to participate in discussions, which in turn lead to the broader and higher quality interaction needed to stimulate learning.   

Analytics helps to determine what difficulties students face in the learning process, as well as what materials are of interest and where, if necessary, the trainer should intervene.

Analytics tools help personalize the learning experience for each student and show what influences the success of the course. The platform provides organizations with two important qualities that are lacking in online learning - engagement and analytics.