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Training and development are an integral part of the human capital development of an organisation. It is recognised as a strategic tool for an organisation's continuing growth, productivity, and ability to retain valuable employees. 

For corporations to develop its human capital continuously and consistently we offer an effective HR solution for professional development of an organisation’s employees – training and development on a digital learning platform “University of the Future”.

Establishment of a corporate online university

University of the Future is based on the Finnish learning management system “Claned”. The platform consists of a variety of courses and classrooms from training on developing technical and soft skills to corporate training.  

The platform provides the opportunity to create your own online corporate university based on the needs of an organisation. 

It is the online classrooms where any courses and necessary materials may be created, shared, and collected by training providers or corporations that build learning culture and align professional development of employees to KPI achievement and implementation of a strategy of an organisation.

Common educational space

We also support сourse instructors and designers in creating effective trainings to achieve quality learning outcomes for students. 

The platform includes built-in elements of the design of learning, which allow to easily build a good online course.

Integrating University of the Future into an organisation’s learning ecosystem has significant benefits, including digitalisation of a learning process, increasing in-depth HR analytics reports, and allowing for more convenient and effective professional development of employees.

Possibility of creating individual 
staff development plans

Learning analytics

Most importantly, University of the Future is an effective tool for learning analytics. It not only tracks and controls employees’ engagement and creates individual development plans, but also provides AI-powered learning analytics that automatically collects and analyses learning data. 

This way, learners’ progress is monitored and the impact of online learning on personal and/or organisational performance is measured.
Advanced learning analytics as part of HR analytics

Corporate training

University of the Future provides ready-made and customised training and development solutions for corporate clients. Our courses are designed in accordance with the best international standards and practices. 

A crucial feature of the courses is delivery focus and practical orientation. Courses are developed by international professional institutions and were quality assured by professionals and their employers all over the world. 

At the University of the Future, you can 
find courses in areas such as:

  • Risk management
  • Management accounting
  • Investment management
  • Financial reporting
  • Human Resources management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Finance and Audit
  • Project management (Agile, Scrum approaches) 
In addition, the University of the Future offers courses in business English and digital skills - in-depth studies on the use of Microsoft Office, Power BI, Qlik Sense and others.
University of the Future is also the general partner of Coursera in Kazakhstan, a platform that provides training that meets world standards, developed by leading universities and companies in the world.
We offer a wide range of training opportunities, from practical projects and courses to professional certification.
Deliver on strategic business goals by building critical skills
Realize the full value of technology investments
Build a data-driven, digitally-fluent workforce

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