CIMA Diploma in Business Performance Management
Name: CIMA Diploma in Business Performance Management
Description of the certificate:
International Standard for Financial Accounting Management 
CIMA Diploma in Business Performance Management is aimed at developing the skills to use financial and non-financial information to make management decisions. The program covers key aspects of organizational performance management that are relevant for doing business in Russia and the CIS countries.
Exam structure:

Exam P1: Performance Operations
 30% A. Cost accounting systems
 25% B. Budgeting
 30% C. Making short-term decisions
 15% D. Dealing with uncertainty in analysis

Exam P2: Performance Management
25% A. Planning and Cost Analysis to Strengthen Competitive Advantage
30% B. Monitoring and managing the performance of responsibility centers
30% C. Long-term decision making D
15% D. Management control and risks

- 2 sessions per year (May, November)
- The exam is performed on a computer in the form of a test
- Duration: 90 minutes
- Number of questions: 60
- Total 150 points, passing score - 100