Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Name: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Description of the certificate:
The golden standard for financial accounting and auditing
As a result, you will become part of the professional community as a skilled professional accountant with a unique combination of skills required in today's fast-paced business world.

ACCA Certificate “Association of Chartered Certified Account” - since 1904, the international association ACCA brings together the best professionals in the field of finance around the world. Today, it has 219,000 professionals from a wide variety of companies in more than 179 countries around the world, and 503,000 students are currently studying under its programs.

For employers, certificates, diplomas and ACCA membership are a mark of quality and a guarantee of professionalism. For young financiers - access to a huge knowledge base, many new contacts in the professional community, an opportunity for rapid career growth and the key to all doors leading to the offices of the best employers.

Qualification structure

A basic level of:
BT (F1) Business and Technology
MA (F2) Management Accounting
FA (F3) Financial Accounting 
(F4) Corporate and Business Law
PM (F5) Performance Management
TX (F6) Taxation in Russia
FR (F7) Financial Reporting 
AA (F8) Audit and Assurance
FM (F9) Financial Management 

Professional level:
SBL (P1 и Р3) Strategic Business Leader 
SBR (P2) Strategic Business Reporting
AFM (P4) Advanced Financial Management
APM (P5) Advanced Performance Management 
ATX (P6) Advanced Taxation
AAA (P7) Advanced Audit and Assurance