On this page you can be informed about the terms of the subscription to the platform

Subscription to the University of Future

A subscription to the University of the Future platform allows you to:

Use the infrastructure of the learning management system, including access to social learning;

Maintaining a personal profile showing the effectiveness of personal development;

Receive notifications of interactions and important reminders;

Participate in a single platform for communication with professionals and like-minded people, and the creation of a professional community

Benefits of Subscription:

  • A series of free master classes from leading international professional development institutions;
  • Receiving a discount on registration / exam from international institutions and Partners of the University of the Future
  • Inclusion in the AIFC Talent Pool: an opportunity to be informed and become a candidate for open vacancies in the AIFC and its ecosystem, as well as in a number of national and international companies

Subscription terms:

When the free subscription ends, you will receive a notification to your registered email address 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before the subscription expires:

  • If you intend to renew your subscription, you must purchase it on the University of the Future website;
  • If you need to renew a deactivated account, you need to purchase a paid subscription on the University of the Future website.
  • In case of refusal to further purchase a paid subscription, no action is required. In this case, your account on the platform will be automatically deactivated after the expiration of the subscription period.

Free subscription is available only for new users of the University of the Future for a period of 3 months (90 calendar days from the date of subscription)

Important! The subscription is a separate product of the University of the Future and is not included in the price of purchased courses. We ask you to take this fact into account when making purchases on the University of the Future marketplace.
3 months
For new users of the University of the Future platform, the free trial period is 3 months.
1 month
1 000 тг
3 months
2 700 тг
6 months
5 000 тг
12 months
9 700 тг